The Process

The home building process may seem daunting, but we make it simple:

Permits:  Proper permits are to be pulled prior to carrying out work.

Excavation: If your house will have a basement, it will be excavated at this time.

Foundation:  At this time, your footings and basement walls are installed and put into place.

Framing:  The framing is done at this point.  The framing crew frames the house, sheathes the floor deck(s), roof deck(s).

Mechanical:  If these trades cannot carry out work at the same time, they can be done rather quickly.  The mechanical trades are HVAC, Electricians, & Plumbers

Windows & Doors:  While the mechanical trades are working indoors, the rough carpenters install exterior doors and windows and complete any details regarding the house framing.

Interior Finishing:  All interior finishes include wood trim, cabinets, fireplace(s), flooring material, shower and tub surrounding materials, counter tops, etc.

Finished Mechanical Trades: Electricians can install receptacles, switches, cover plates, light fixtures, etc.  Plumbers can install all plumbing fixtures, toilets, sinks, etc.

Clean up & Punch-list: Once the house is complete, it needs to be cleaned of all left over building material, scraps, dust, and dirt.  Along with that, comes a punch-list.  A punch-list is a list that the builder and the home owner have come up with that has any final touches that need to be done to the house.

For more specific questions regarding building a new home, or if you’re interested in building a new home – click here.