Demolition & Remodeling

Say you’ve got the perfect location for a home, but you want your home to be updated a little bit.  You may want to consider remodeling one, or multiple rooms.  Let Empyreal Homes make it easy for you.

The process is simple…

Establish a plan and a budget

Having a plan is crucial.  Many contractors fail to communicate with their customers leaving them with questions, or out of the equation entirely.

Begin demolition

Demolition is just as important as the finishing work.  When remodeling, think of it as you’re working backwards.  The demolition is the foundation of whats to come.

Commence work

Per plans and specs, work will be conducted in a timely fashion.  Change orders will be done at this time.

Finishing touches + final walkthrough

At this time, everybody should be on the same page & there should be little work left to do.

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