1. John Maniaci

    I met Lorenzo because of homeowners insurance claim. You know if you went thru anything like this that it can be a bit overwhelming. Lorenzo set out minds at ease and did the job like he was doing his own house. My wife and I were so pleased that we needed some other work done and didn’t hesitate to call him. Once again he blew our minds away. I will use him again very soon I’m sure. Wife is walking around as I’m posting this…..👍👍

  2. Great job by Lorenzo remodeling our customer restroom at work….he has before and after pictures….check out his work….very happy with the job.

  3. Jonathan

    I contacted Lorenzo at Empyreal Homes recently for a Home Inspection as we are getting ready to sell our home. I have always been skeptical of home inspectors with fear of contractor kickbacks etc. Lorenzo put my mind to ease. He came out, looked professional and most importantly he showed up on time. It is extremely annoying, unprofessional, and flat out disrespectful when an appointment is made and the representative from the company shows up late. Lorenzo came prepared with all of the tools that are needed along with all of the latest technology that one could use for a home inspection. Lorenzo gave me the choice to follow him around the house or to do as I pleased as he went about his business, I chose to follow him around and pick his brain. He was extremely thorough and efficient while doing the inspection. There was no lolly-gagging around with this guy. He ended up finding some missing bricks on our chimney that I did not know were missing and actually letting water and moisture into the chimney stack. At the end of the inspection Lorenzo went over the ENTIRE inspection with me and showed me all of the areas of concern from the inspection. This put my heart and mind at ease knowing what we need to get fixed and what could pop up when an appraiser comes by when we decide to sell. It was also extremely convenient that he was able to directly send the inspection to my email for future use.
    Lorenzo also let me know that he is also a certified Contractor and residential builder. This is great information to know as with our new house, I’m sure we will be needing a contractor for future projects and with how professional and efficient Lorenzo was with the home inspection, I would definitely contact him for the projects.
    If you are looking for a home inspection for any reason, give this guy a call. I respect young people creating businesses of their own and giving it their all. Those are the people I try to give my business to.


    Home Inspection, March 2017

  4. Lorenzo was a very knowledgeable and friendly inspector. He did an extremely thorough job all while answering any questions that I had. He was able to point out all potential issues with ease during the inspection and the final report was very thorough and detailed. I am glad that I chose Lorenzo to inspect my home and would highly recommend him.

  5. Mendo

    Lorenzo put up our new backsplash in our kitchen as we are undergoing a few renovations in our house. He was very courteous, very professional, and arrived in a timely manner keeping his word on his start time. Very meticulous, a perfectionist in his art. I would highly recommend him to anyone undergoing any type of project pertaining to tile work and related fields!

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